Fall 2009: The Pros Go Retro With A Dash Of Flash}

Submitted by: Sarah Hathorn, AICI

Fall 2009 arrives with styles reminiscent of the old Hollywood glamour of the 1940s. You will find looks similar to the essential pieces that Clark Gable and Spenser Tracy wore in vintage movies. While most of my male clients hate to shop and want to do so swiftly if at all, they tend to stay in the safe zone. But as long as youre investing in your look, you should at least get your moneys worth by adding a dash of fashion that gives your look the upper hand and gives you a cutting edge feel. When you wear a classic suit or dress shirt, dont be afraid to mix it up with a modern trend piece that shows you have your own authentic style. Today its not about purchasing a whole new wardrobe every season. Instead its all about incorporating a few trends to portray a presence of success and prestige that truly represents your personal brand and unique taste.

Here are my six favorite trends for every professional man:

Modern Classic Suits/ Sport Coats This season its about classic patterns with a modern cut, so if you need a new suit or sport coat look for timeless styles. Those include two-button suits or sport coats in neutral prints like glen plaid, windowpane plaid, herringbone, or a faint pinstripe. View the new hit TV show Mad Men to see exquisite fabrics with a classic fit that are worn with confident style that means business.

Silk Ties with a Twist Handmade silk ties are the best because they hold their shape and tie a great knot with a perfect dimple. They cost more than the polyester blend ties, but are well worth the extra investment. Elegant silk can be tied with greater ease than a bulkier fabric tie, so update your tie selection with a small print, geometric, diagonal stripe, strong paisley, or large print medallion style silk tie.

Put a Classic Sweater to Work A sweater is one essential item that you can use to layer your look and appear more polished in a casual business workplace. Layer it over a dress shirt with or without a tie, or throw it on over a sport shirt or dressy tee. Look for modern cardigans, half-zip collars, vests, leather trimmed zips, or V-neck styles in a fine cashmere or merino wool. Plus you can wear a sweater vest under your classic modern suit to look fashionably warm if you live in colder climate.

Attention to Detail Gets the Job Done The essential accoutrements are the vital ones that finish off your look and put it all together for an outstanding ensemble. Shop this fall for belts in pebble grain leather, supple calfskin, or crocodile skin paired with sleek modern buckles of brushed nickel finish. Choose interchangeable buckles for a two-tone variety, and if you love wearing French cuff dress shirts, consider a new pair of cufflinks to celebrate the season. The latest styles are classic silver woven knots, bar styles with various mixed metals, or classic cable cufflinks.

Order up a Bold Red Its all about the power color of red this fall. Look to incorporate a touch of red to your style by either adding a new red tie in a medallion print or striped silk. Throw on a dark burgundy V-neck sweater or a red plaid sport shirt for your weekend wear. You will find red in a variety of shades including claret, blue-red, bright red, and burgundy.

Pick Up Your Checks and Check-Out the Plaids This season checks and plaids return in items like ties, dress shirts, sport shirts, polos, multi-check sport coats, and winter scarves. Just add one plaid dress shirt, tie, or sport shirt to your wardrobe collection to go more fashion-forward than the ordinary corporate look, and youll separate yourself from the more mundane look-alike crowd with real personal style.

I hope you can find it in your style personality to adopt a few of these fashion trends to energize your professional wardrobe. Doing so conveys that as a savvy businessman you understand the importance of adding a little flair to your look to always be the best-dressed man in the room.

About the Author: Sarah Hathorn is a professional image consultant, certified personal brand strategist, speaker, and author.


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