General Information About Bad Credit For Everyone

By Tom Dawson

Bad credit is a tragic side effect of the difficult economic times we live in. Fixing problems can be difficult, as well as time consuming, frustrating and down-right confusing. It takes a lot of determination and persistence. But before you can go about fixing your problems you need to understand what the problems are that you are facing.

Two things that severely affect your score negatively are CCJ’s county court judgments and defaults. You will want to get a copy of your credit report so that you can see exactly what it shows, what can be paid off and what needs to be worked on. If you would like to pay all your debts back at once, you might qualify to get a cheap debt consolidation loan and make one payment on everything. There is a certain type of bankruptcy that also allows you to pay off large debt over time. Getting a loan may require a co-signer or some kind of collateral. Bankruptcy lawyers can inform you of exactly what you would need for this kind of debt relief.

Be cautious of programs that offer to fix your report and score for you. Many people are taken in by scams that leave them worse off in the end than they were in the beginning. Companies know that there is no quick fix, no guarantee of success.


If you want to pay off your debts without asking for help from any kind of repair or consulting company, make sure that you are doing everything legally possible to pay off old debts, refrain from making new ones and dispute any bad claims.

If you are determined to reduce your debt and raise your score, you will be more likely to succeed. If the prospect seems somewhat daunting, there are still plenty of legal companies that can help reduce the stress and pressure you may feel when dealing with companies you owe money to. It is vital that you do plenty of research into any company you choose. Try to get recommendations from people you know who may have used one of these companies or get references from the ones that want your business.

Legitimate repair companies will not ask you for upfront fees before any services are performed. They will not give you accurate results or make promises and guarantees. They cannot promise you that they will remove your negative marks because this is not possible if the information is correct. It is only possible to remove negative information if it is inaccurate. This involves going through a specific process.

Removing bad credit information involves filing a dispute with the credit bureau and doing a lot of follow up phone calls, emails and letters. It is worth it though if you find errors on your credit report because your score will be negatively affected as long as it stays on your report. It can be a pain staking process that takes quite some time to achieve, but the better your credit score, the more likely you are to be able to access the finance you may need and at the best interest rates.

About the Author: Tom Dawson is a UK finance expert he has a wealth of experience helping people choose the best debt options and helping them to get loans with bad credit, why not see what he can do for you?


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