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By Andrew Doyle

Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences in anyone’s domestic calendar, but there are great resources available to any homeowner to assist and help with the moving process, making it less stressful and far more fun.

Whether you are moving location within the same neighbourhood or relocating to a different city or country and whatever reasons you have for the move, maybe you need a larger home, you need to be closer to your job or family, moving is an essential part of modern living.

There are many moving companies available that help people and businesses relocate, using moving lorries or vans, depending on the needs of the mover and even utilising specialist equipment and shipping containers for international moves. There are two distinct types of moving company, firstly local movers who operate within small geographical areas and larger scale companies that are broken down into smaller affiliated groups. With the growth in the internet over the last few years there has been a recent increase in umbrella companies, who offer multiple quotes from a single place and also offer other services including help, tips and moving ideas.

As well as the professional moving services, there are many moving equipment rental companies who supply vans and trailers for people who want to move and pack themselves. When moving belongings from one location to the next, one of the most important things to be aware of is the need to carefully wrap and pack the possessions. Most household insurance policies don’t cover goods in transit, some insurance policies do though but only when the move is being conducted by a third party professional company, so this is useful to bear in mind when deciding on your actions. Within the industry, goods packed by the customer are known as a PBO, which stands for packed by the owner. This is still legally a difficult area between the moving companies and the re-locating customers, problems can arise on who to blame and who is culpable for the damage to the goods. When using moving services such as van or equipment rental, where the customers are completely in control of the move and because of this the liability for damaged goods almost completely falls on the customer.

For those of you looking into packing your own belongings, there are some simple tips that can go into safely packing your belongings and avoiding damage.


When packing glasses, wrap them completely in either tissue paper or wrapping paper and pack them upright in a strong box with fragile labels in easy to read places.

Pack plates vertically on their edge; avoid stacking them on-top of each other as plates crack far easier when stacked horizontally.

Use only strong boxes for books or other heavy items, bags and boxes can quickly get very heavy which puts too much stress on boxes that often aren’t designed for those sort of weights.

Use wardrobes to store smaller, breakable items and cushion well with loose clothes.

It is sometimes a good idea to wrap your best furniture in bubble wrap to stop scratching and keeping off dust.

Pack TV’s and stereo systems upright and add lots of padding, especially around damageable parts such as the TV screen.

Drain fuel and oil from lawn mowers and other appliances

When packing bikes and a bike rack isn’t available, it is often a good idea to take off the wheels and turn the handle bars at right angles to save on space.

When packing china or glass, always use plenty of tissue paper and finally wrapping paper.

Label boxes with the room and contents to help you keep track of your boxes, also if belongings are fragile state this on the outside of the box and also show which way up the boxes should be carried.

Generally with good preparation and thought, the stresses attached to moving home can be greatly reduced and the problems lessened. Whether you are hiring a company to do your moving for you and in certain situations this may be necessary (for example piano movers) or if you are hiring the equipment and doing the moving yourself then a well prepared mover will find the experience far more fun than an unprepared mover.

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