Less Than 6 Months To Rewarding Career As A Psw

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Being compassionate and wants to have an income, this is what you are looking for, be a Personal Support Worker (PSW). You can both find professional and personal satisfaction. You will be part of a community that simply improves the quality of life and giving utmost care for those who are in need. This will provide the needed support and care to different patients including their families.

Quality of Life Professional

The quality of professional life speaks of the qualification of a Personal Support Worker. Enough training and skills are much needed in order to be one. The following are the possible important services you will provide if you are holding that position. These include:

a.) Personal Care, which focus on the fundamental and basic care received by Residents and Patients;

.) Rehabilitation and Restorative Care, which focus on Palliative Care or reducing the difficulties experience by the Dying patients;

c.) Physical Health Care Duties, which focus on maintaining Records and Procedures.


In addition, a Personal Support Worker Certification will entitle one to also receive the following certifications such as First Aid and CPR, Public Health Food Handler and Alzheimer s Society Training certificate. Handling these will possibly consider you and give you a high market value to the perspective of employers.

Growing Demand for PSW’s

The growing needs for PSW is very much observed. Being a Personal Support Worker will give you job security which is incomparable with other jobs such as customer service, manufacturing or tech support because Health Care Services merely cannot be outsourced. The fact that our society has the increasing number of aging population then it will adhere to the demand for Personal Support Workers. In relation, Ontario government is very good example which released $107 million budget for 2500 additional Personal Support Workers by 2012.

The rising of several nursing homes and long term care facilities dictates the demand for the skilled support staff. While being a PSW, you can choose to become a private practitioner too. As a PSW, you ll be in demand for your skills and expertise wherever you decide to work.

Job Opportunities for Qualified PSW’s:

Where can a PSW work? Here are the job opportunities exclusively made for qualified PSWs. Being a graduate of the College Personal Support Worker s program will open several job offerings for various dynamic settings. Working in Retirement / Nursing Homes, Group Homes, Hospice Centres, Day Care Centres or even Private Homes will be considered.

Clinical Placement: Nothing Beats On-the-Job Experience

Total make-over is the term after you finished taking up the necessary learning. Gradual transition from trainings to professional setting. You can begin with a new career after the said trainings offered by the program. Various hands-on practical experiences in a real work setting will be your key for being a successful graduate. Some already find a job with their placement employers. Earning a living while still in school will be possible.

Flexible Schedules to Fit Your Lifestyle

In terms of schedule, a flexible one will be offered to fit your lifestyle. Learning institutions provide options to attend classes either in the Morning, Evening or probably weekend schedule. We take into consideration the students with various responsibilities. PSW programs will find solution to any unique situation you will be into.

Discover Your Funding Opportunities

How can you enroll? Discover your funding opportunities. Not all are capable of financing his own education. Schools realized that each student comes from unique financial backgrounds then they provide various options in order to finance your own education. Though education is considered an investment in your future, still most Colleges offer second career for individuals receiving EI or OW, programs for recipient of WSIB & ODSP. Other options include Installment Payment Plans, Bursaries, Scholarships, Loans, Lines of Credit and more. The financial aid experts will help you decide for the financing solutions that suit to you.

Is a Rewarding Career as a Personal Support Worker right for you?

It s difficult to beat the combination of a personal support worker course length (less than six months) and its low overall cost. In less than half a year you ll be on the way to a new career.

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