Panama Real Estate For Sale Offers Affordable Retirement Paradise!

Submitted by: Jason Palmer

Imagine retirement living where daily life seems like paradise. Soaring mountains, a majestic coastline, volcanoes and hot springs, along with a rainforest jungle, are all a part of what awaits the retiree lucky enough to discover real estate in Panama for sale.

Panama, the little country at the end of the narrow strip connecting the Americas, lies nestled between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. A climate influenced by prevailing winds, further makes it a unique juncture, enriched by coffee plantations and majestic animal migrations. Indeed humpback whales, raptors, colorful macaws, toucans and the beautiful Quetzal, ensure that even leisurely walks might quickly seem other worldly. In fact, such extraordinary everyday experiences invite a look at real estate in Panama for sale. For those wishing to be happily well informed, moreover, real estate in Panama for sale is not to be missed!


Exciting to contemplate, Panama real estate for sale is, indeed, very real. Furthermore, if retirement describes one’s near future, it would be wise to consider either part or full time living in such an idyllic place.

While much of Panama is wet, one area, though equally beautiful, boasts the country’s driest climate. Indeed, the drier air and manageable rainy season make the Azuero Peninsula hard to beat! Here, a tract of 102 acres makes Panama real estate for sale a reality for Americans wishing to enjoy their golden years surrounded by breathtaking scenery, in a place offering the world’s best retirement benefit program. With a modest pension of $1,000/month, or only $750 with $100,000 property investment, retirees benefit from financial breaks producing considerable savings and conveniences. Real estate in Panama for sale never sounded so good!

If looking for a favorable, affordable location, one must consider Panama real estate for sale in the aforementioned tract of acreage, Ocean Ridge Estates, where 3-12 acre mini ranches may be purchased. Large enough to offer privacy, even horses on site, this Panama real estate for sale will truly elevate daily living.

Although Central America hasn’t been known for stability, Panama has made significant progress. Unlike Costa Rica, its equally beautiful neighbor to the north characterized by poor roads, high crime, and expensive goods, Panama has great roads, little crime, and owing to the Panama Canal’s huge port, less expensive everything, even cars, which are heavily taxed in Costa Rica. Moreover, using US dollars for currency, Panama has no exchange rate, while Costa Rica’s regularly fluctuating one creates uneasy buying. Additionally, with real estate in Panama for sale at more affordable rates, it’s hard to justify spending up to five times more in Costa Rica. Most importantly, though, there’s simply no comparison with Panama’s retiree program; Costa Rica doesn’t offer any benefits or discounts, hence little incentive for those wishing to settle there. In fact, while full title ownership and all legal rights of citizenship accompany investing in real estate in Panama for sale, squatters in Costa Rica who stay but a short while on your land, have more rights!

While Panama’s capital, Panama City, boasts an impressive skyline, one can envision the Azuero Peninsula, home to Ocean Ridge Estates, experiencing future growth. With a new coastline road, paradise can be updated with elegant structures, while keeping intact the natural beauty that makes Panama real estate for sale so captivating. Moreover, when considering Panama real estate for sale and imagining life there, it’s advisable to recall that real estate in Panama for sale graces a country that’s one of the fastest growing retirement and investment destinations in the world! With Ocean Ridge Estates’ pristine location, offering prime building sites, and spectacular ocean/mountain views, current prices make them a first choice in making Panama real estate for sale a reality rather than a retirement dream.

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