Road Haulage Fine For All Truckers On British Roads

Road Haulage fine for all truckers on British roads



A new law is being discussed that will mean that all foreign truckers are to pay a daily charge to drive on British roads. There will be a minimum fee of 10 to drive on British roads.

UK truckers and haulage companies have been paying for use of foreign roads for some time, some having to fork out 14 daily at the toll booths on the continent. The news that foreign truckers will have to do the same over here has been met with delight from UK companies that have wanted the fee to be introduced for some time.

With foreign-registered HGVs making 1.5 million trips to the UK every year, many think it is about time a fee was introduced like it is in Europe.


One UK driver form a haulage company said, It is about time this happened, it is a much fairer system if foreign vehicles have to pay too.

Sources have said that foreign truckers will also be expected to pay in advance over the internet to contribute to the upkeep of our roads; if they do not oblige to these requests they will be hit with a higher fine. A staggering 15,000 of foreign lorries drive on British roads every single day.

Methods in which workers will be able to identify those who have and have not paid will do so via CCTV cameras at ports and on major roads. The charge for not paying the fee for driving on British roads will raise more than 50 million a year toward the treasury.

However, the 10 charge is likely to spark another row with the EU. The decision will be made by the government in the upcoming weeks.

Mr Penning will be pitching the facts to the Government. He said he is going to tell MPs; \”A lorry road user charge would ensure that all hauliers who use our roads are contributing to their cost, regardless of where they are from. This will help UK hauliers to get a fairer deal and increase employment and promote growth in the UK.\”

In order to get around the EU law there will also be a 10 charge for British truckers too, however this will be refunded through taxes.

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